CC who?

About CC Miller

Nice to meet you. I'm CC, author of Also, Hi - A Collection of Romance and Revelation, Also, Whole, Also Woman (2022), Also (2023) and What Won't Break, a collaborative effort with authors Prince J. Harrison and Ashley Wooten (2022).

I've been an admirer of the written word for 40 years. As a performance poet, I've seen a few live stages and a few virtual stages alongside some of the most amazing minds you would ever want to meet. Reading and writing transports us and grants passage to the human experience in a way that requires nothing of us but what we have. It's forgiving and offers community. I'm glad you're here for that!

CC Biography

Meet CC Miller, an independently published performance poet hailing from the Southern US. Born and raised in the piedmont of North Carolina, CC's poetry is deeply rooted in the exploration of themes of family, love, identity, and the complexities of emotional, spiritual, and mental growth and healing.

From a young age, CC was drawn to the power of language and its ability to capture and make sense of the beauty and pain of the human experience. She began writing poetry as a means of self-exploration, and soon discovered that her words had the power to connect with others in a profound way. Over the years, CC wrote and self-published four poetry anthologies, and she has performed or spoke at numerous events and festivals across the country virtually and in person.

CC's poetry is characterized by a unique blend of honesty, vulnerability, and strength. She uses her words to confront difficult truths about the world around us, while also celebrating the resilience and beauty of the human spirit. Her work is a testament to the power of poetry to inspire and heal. When she's not writing, CC can be found exploring the nuances of the rich and dynamic landscape of the mind and body and the world, immersing herself in the music, food, and culture that have shaped her identity as a woman and a poet. Her work is a celebration of and a testament to the power of the written word to inspire and transform.

CC Miller, LLC promotes literacy and the arts and provides media hosting services and writing services.